I would like to commend the cleaning crew for the outstanding job they did cleaning the tile areas of the foyer and stairs at the I-66 Transfer Station. The grout joints look new again. It was 25 years of build up and they worked on their hands and knees without any complaints. They seemed to take on the task as a challenge and are to be commended for succeeding. The positive attitude they displayed is an example of what customer service is suppose to be. Thanks for making this happen it is a much needed improvement.

Lenny Wright, Complex Manager
I-66 Transfer Station
Division of Solid Waste Disposal
and Resource Recovery

This is to inform you of the outstanding janitorial service we have been receiving at the DPSM Springfield warehouse. It’s always nice to have such clean facilities. The custodians are always willing to serve in the best way possible.

Woody Gluchowski, Property Manager
Dept. of Purchasing & Supply Mgt.

I just want to add, the custodians are always friendly and kind. Willing to do any type of cleaning job. It’s nice being ale to smell the clean when the services are done. We really appreciate them.

Brenda Allen, Warehouse Supervisor
Dept. of Purchasing & Supply Mgt.

I appreciate the kudos to Yan. She tries so hard to keep her customers happy and it’s nice to hear good things about her. Thanks so much and have a great day…

Joe Flood, Building Supervisor III
FMD Building Services

Just to let you know that Yan from First Lady Cleaning has been very different about coming by since the last issue with the carpet. They have done an excellent job in getting it cleaned up and back in shape and she is working on the rest of our isuues as well. I figure I should let you know the good things as well as the bad — isn’t it nice to get messages sometimes that aren’t complaints??

Karen Deviney PhD.
Animal Shelter Director
Fairfox County Police Department