Office Cleaning

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Offices can generate a lot of dust, germs, and bacteria. Depending on the size and number of people working in an office, it can be difficult to keep it as clean as you would like it to be. Luckily, 1st Lady Janitorial Services has plenty of experienced cleaners ready to clean and disinfect your office.

#1 Office Cleaning in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Cleaning an office includes more than just wiping down the desks and taking out the trash. With our top notch office cleaning services, we go far beyond the basics. We disinfect areas that frequently get contaminated such as doorknobs, bathrooms, and handles. We thoroughly clean the windows to allow maximum sunlight to come through, which brightens and livens up the office. We can also clean your hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors.

Every inch of your office will be clean, refreshed, and feel like new after our team gets done.

Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

Not only do we leave your office sparkling and tidy, but we do it using eco-friendly cleaning products. We understand that some people in the office may have chemical allergies, want to reduce their carbon footprint, or may be environmentally conscious. We do our part to help the environment, and your health, by using high quality eco-friendly products that don’t pollute your office or the environment.

Our commitment to green cleaning even includes our use of energy efficient vacuum cleaners and other tools we use to clean your office.

Do you need your office cleaned in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C? Call us to get a quote today!

Service areas:

Arlington VA, Reston VA, Tysons Corner VA, Rockville MD, Montgomery County MD, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas.